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We have researched on what you call preprogrammed Life and developed a coordinate pyramid system that can see if events are preprogrammed to time, space and area.

Its first based on Vortex Based Mathematics and then developed in several stages. For some examples it can reduce risks for power plants, virus spreads, aircraft disasters.

The following events is just some of 100s events that is static with right time in our system.

We are giving you an preview of the raw data that is outputted just with the coordinates of the event putted into our system at Chernobyl catastrophe and Japan Fukushima. Its one of the last stages of the system physically bounded to coordinates.

1. Earthquake year 2004 with the following Tsunami.
Cost 15 billion US dollar. Could have been saved.

2. Japan earthquake with Fukushima disaster power plant.
Cost 360 billion US dollar. Could have been saved.

3. 2nd preview. Chernobyl event year 1986. Cost 235 billion US dollar. Could been saved. Please download image if its to small.

4. Haskell Spanish flu outbreak year 1918. Could have been saved.

5. Wuhan (Covid 19) virus outbreak year 2019. Could have been saved.
Expected cost 1 trillion US dollar.

Thats 1 trillion 610 billion US dollars that could possible been risk reduced if we do not count the Spanish flu in the just 5 cases presented here.

Our system can reduce the risk for you that these costs will happen again and much more. And will for one example be very interesting for insurance companies, law firms, healthcare. But also in defence systems and much, much more.

As you understand there is not just money to save but lifes also.

The areas of use and the possibilities of implantation are possible in almost all social functions. Both for the more important and for the less important to optimize and reduce risks. Our system has the opportunity to reduce tax costs enormously and also insurance costs by doing the healthcare more proactive before things happen. The possibility of doing research together with our system is great.

It is even possible to implement into the space industry and into spacecrafts to reduce risks for accidents and in some areas to calculate on asteroids and eventual coming impacts.

At the time Fortuna Way Softwares are looking for external investors into our system to develop it more and into operational softwares to put on the market.

Please feel free to contact us by mail at investor@fortunaway.com if interest.

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